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Profile1I’m an Atlanta based photographer with a broad range of clients and a love for all styles of photography.  From architecture and interiors to travel and fine art, there isn’t anything about this profession that doesn’t fascinate and excite me.  Every photo tells a story, whether it’s a building, a person, a city, or a landscape.

My love of photography started at age 15 when I was accepted into an internship program as a high school student and picked up my first Nikon SLR camera. I spent many long days winding film and mixing chemicals in a cold darkroom where my old school foundations were formed.

I was always drawn to beautiful design and for a while my plans included studying for a degree in interior design. But the voice inside took me back to those roots in photography. I re-learned the art with the on-set of the digital age and how to develop and edit using the latest digital techniques, equipment, and software.

The world of photography is constantly changing and you have stay on top of it. I’m training, upgrading and learning something new in my field all the time. I’ve trained and mentored with some of the best photographers from all over the world.

When I’m not home shooting for clients I’m off on a travel photography adventure to an exotic location  documenting my trips with photos and stories.  You can contact me at

Member of Real Estate Photographers of America and International