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Who’s Going To Make You Look Good???


One client sends me off to photograph each of his projects by saying, “Terry, Just Make Me Look Good.” He is a highly successful and sought after professional in his field and a long time client of mine. His brand stands out and people remember that.  He expects me to make him look good to HIS clients and anyone who sees his marketing material – so that’s what I do.

If you Google “Atlanta Real Estate Photographers” hundreds of them pop up on the screen. Some of them have attractive websites displaying impressive portfolios. And you can bet that I look at them. It’s an opportunity to admire some of them, to learn about what they do and just as importantly, what not to do…

There is no way to sugar coat it…you get what you pay for in this industry. My clients understand exactly what to expect when we agree to work together.

So the question is how do YOU decide who is going to do the best job representing your brand to the world…who is going to make you look good?

My clients know they have the best brand out there. They utilize the best marketing tools in their campaigns.  One of those tools is professional photography.  When you look at an MLS listing it’s easy to distinguish the professional images from the ones taken by the agent with their smartphone or consumer grade digital camera without professional lighting or editing.  The photos are grainy, crooked, and shadowy – frankly they are depressing.  This is a direct reflection on the agents brand.  It shows a lack of polish and professionalism in their marketing efforts.  The importance of using professionals to capture your images can’t be overstated.

If you are looking for an inexpensive way to get some average to decent photos in 30 minutes or less, then we won’t be a good fit. But you can definitely find someone who will represent your brand at that level. But that’s not going to be me…

While most of my business (and likely yours as well) comes from referrals there are some valid reasons for choosing one photographer over another. Obviously the work itself must be outstanding. It could be purely economics – who is going to do the job for the least amount of money – but that should be the last criteria that someone uses who wants to be respected in their industry! Nothing says “inexperience” louder than undervaluing your work or letting someone else do it.

Which also means the answer can be completely subjective – photography after all is Art and Art is nothing if not subjective. It’s a creative endeavor by the photographer to interpret the scene and communicate the feeling of the space in the best possible way using the best tools and skills to complete and deliver the product.

This is done with a combination of talent, experience, technical skills, and the right tools. Talent is the ability of the photographer to interpret a scene, compose the image, and re-create it for viewing in different media. Technical skills in photography take years to master and requires on-going training to create and deliver the highest quality images to their clients. Finally, there is a special ability of the photographer to use light and shadow to sculpt the scene and create a feeling of what it’s like to be inside the space. If the image doesn’t create a sense of the space or showcase the style that you put into your design then it is not a success.

If you hire a photographer to shoot an interior space then you should expect them to have the talent, the tools, and the experience to create images that are worthy of your brand.

You don’t have to pick me for your photography project but when you do, both you and your brand will stand out. Contact me for more information or to scheduled a session