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Interiors photography can be challenging for many reasons… lighting, space, decor, and composition to name a few.  There are many lighting options that must be considered when composing the image.  Is there an abundance of natural light flowing into the room and can I utilize it to enhance the shot, or is it a hindrance that will cause the image to be over-exposed in some areas and under-exposed in others and what can I do to correct it?  Should I turn on all the lights (ambient) or will they cause an unwanted color cast?  And finally, do I need to add my own lighting to brighten up shadows and help balance everything out?  A professional will be able to assess the room and make a judgement based on all these challenges.  I will also be able to tell immediately if the view to the outside is an important part of the image – sometimes it isn’t necessary or even desirable to be able to see what’s outside on a sunny day.  Just another reason to trust a professional to take your Real Estate and Interior Design photos.  Please contact me  at to schedule session. I may not receive your message if you use the contact form.