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Setting Up A Photo Session/Rates

To set up a photo session for your upcoming listing please send an email at  

Rates vary depending on the size, location and complexity of the property and the number of images you require.  We’ll go pretty much anywhere, but there is a $20 travel fee for areas over 20 miles from Johns Creek.

You might wonder why there’s a difference in the price based on the property size for the same number of edited images.  Our rates are based on the amount of time it takes to properly light and photograph each home.  It takes less time and equipment to shoot a 3000 square foot ranch home with one level, than it does a 3000 square foot townhouse with 3 or 4 levels and tighter spaces.  A home with extensive landscaping and outdoor living space, such as covered or screened porches might be the same interior size as another house but takes longer to create the beautiful exterior shots that really make it stand out.  So it’s not necessarily how many images you get, but the time it takes to set up, compose, light, move around equipment, and even edit the images, that determines the value of the session.

*If you are a Professional Realtor then you already know that MLS now lets you upload up to 40 images for your listing.  If you have a larger property and you want all 40 images then please note the revised fee schedule below.  Also, it may not be possible to get 40 images on all properties, but I will always attempt to get you as many images as you want to help get the right buyers to see your listing.  Amenities can be counted as part of the 40 allowable images.

Fees are for 25 edited images – ($2.50 for each additional edited image) * This has been revised from the old fee of $25 for each additional 10 images.

$150 for 25 images up to 3ooo sq. ft. (1 or 2 levels – no basement or $165 with basement)

$175 for 25 images up to 4500 sq. ft. (Includes 1 exterior front/back)

$200 up to 6000 sq. ft. (Includes 1 exterior front/back – pools, extensive gardens, hardscape or large landscaped areas are extra and need to be discussed prior to scheduling the session)

Contact us for more information on estates over 7000 sq. ft.

Depending on the size of the exterior property – pools/outbuildings/pastures/ponds/lakes/wooded acreage/boat docks, etc. additional fees may apply

Twilight Shoots $150 – Twilight shoots take place approximately 40 minutes before sundown and require a return visit to the property.  There is a short window of time to get the best images.  All interior lights must be turned on before we arrive.  Landscape lighting timers should be set to allow the lights to come on before dark.  We may have to reschedule the twilight shoot if the weather or skies are not optimal at no additional charge.

Additional services include slide show video tours in YouTube format set to music for an additional fee based on the number of images.  This is a great opportunity to showcase specific design and architectural details of a property.

Photographic Ethics:  We adhere to a set of standard ethical practices for architectural and interior design photography.  Using photoshop to alter the physical characteristics of a property goes against those standards.  If the property is in disrepair it will be photographed as is so we recommend doing all repairs before shooting the listing.

If you are not present during the session then all photography will be considered discretionary.  Requests for additional photos such as amenities that require a return visit to the property may incur an additional fee unless discussed in advance.

Standard images include but are not limited to:

Entrance Foyer, Living Room, Dining Room, Family Room, Keeping Room, Kitchen, Breakfast Area, Powder Room, Master Bed, Master Bath, Secondary Beds and Baths, Basements, Bonus Rooms, Exterior Front, Exterior Back.  All other areas of the home must be discussed in advanced with the photographer including any special architectural features both inside and out.  Amenities such as common areas, parks, pools, playgrounds, tennis courts, parking facilities, etc. are considered extra images unless they are part of the original 25 and must be agreed upon in advance.

We understand that time is of the essence when it comes to listing your properties.  We strive to deliver your images in 12-24 hours whenever possible depending on the size of the property and what time of day the session is completed.  Our standard method of delivery is Dropbox but if you have another preferred method please let us know.

Fees for cancellation may apply if not rescheduled 24 hours in advance.  All properties will be photographed in the condition they are in upon our scheduled arrival.  If we are asked to rearrange furnishings or make more than minor adjustments at the scene using our discretion, a “staging fee” of $75 will be imposed to cover the additional time required to complete the session.  If a home is not considered photo ready when we arrive, we will either shoot as is, or a return fee of $75 will be applied.

There is no time limit on photographing a home based on it’s square footage.  Some homes take longer to shoot than others depending on how they are furnished or designed and the condition when we arrive.  We will try to complete the session as quickly as possible but want to provide you with the best images.  Please allow a minimum of 2 hours no matter what size the space is.  Larger homes over 7,000 square feet may take longer.  Schedule your session accordingly.